Wonder Woman, Harvey Quinn and Pennywise top costume list

With Halloween rapidly approaching, many may be rummaging around to find a costume to wear to that one big Halloween party on campus. Halloween costumes tend to be extensions of one’s character. Some people want to stand out with their costumes. Others just want to blend in. A few visits to Memphis stores and Internet clicks turned up the most popular for this year.

From Walmart to Party City, and even Forever 21, Wonder Woman costumes and gear were everywhere this year.  “We sell at least five Wonder Woman costumes a day,” said Walmart salesperson Alexis Johnson.

A witch may seem like a very outdated costume Johnson said, “But many people still buy witch costumes.  A witch is always a classic Halloween costume, but with a few of the latest trends, can be a stylish witch. Add a choker and a black body suit to cast spells all night.”

According to People magazine, super villain Harley Quinn is the most searched costume in 2016 and 2017.

The remake of Stephen King’s “It” hit theaters in September but already People magazine has dubbed Pennywise, the clown the fourth most searched costume in 2017. Expect many red balloons and painted faces.

Finally, many may want to dress up like a white bunny. A visit to ASOS, Forever 21, and Aldo’s will result in plenty of bunny ears headbands and sneakers.