Local business educates female students about breast health

Representatives from A Fitting Place provided breast health information and fitted female students for bras in the student center Oct. 20.

Belinda Durham, A Fitting Place owner and her daughter, Abby, addressed participants during a “Bra 101” session where the mother-daughter duo encouraged the ladies to ask questions about bras, bra sizes, bra types and personal tips.

“Think of your bras like this: you have one to wear, one to wash, and one to rest,” Durham said.

Durham said most young women are uneducated about the common knowledge of bras, including how to wash bras, sleeping in bras, and when to replace and purchase more bras. Durham suggested that women purchase three new bras every six months to ensure the proper care of their breasts.

During the event, the duo performed demonstrations and passed around bras of different types and sizes so the young women could physically see the difference in bras. While passing around the bras, Abby Durham explained to participants the difference between bras with underwire, sports bras, and bralettes.

“I think it is important that all young women are taught to wear the right size bra. It is also important that women and young women stay knowledgeable about their breast health,” she said.

At the close of the event, students were gifted $10 bra bucks that can be used at A Fitting Place and received pamphlets on mammograms and how to perform breast self-examinations.

Sistah Konnections, a women’s empowerment group on campus, partnered with A Fitting Place to sponsor the event.

A Fitting Place partnered with LeMoyne-Owen a few years ago for Pretty in Pink, which was a event held in honor of breast cancer awareness month.