Freshmen receive accolades/advice during ceremony

Freshman students received awards and advice during the third annual Freshman Seminar declaration of major award ceremony April 5 in the Bruce Hall/Johnson gymnasium.

Each division chair and a student representative expounded on their division and welcomed the rising sophomores into their divisions.

Mawuli Toro represented the Social and Behavioral Sciences division, Quena Johnson represented the Natural and Mathematical Sciences division, Alexis Jones represented the Fine Arts and Humanities division, Jennifer White represented the Education division, and Chavan Smith represented the Business and Economic division.

Each Freshman Seminar professor awarded select students with trophies based on the superlative categories of best autobiography, best journal, highest GPA, Magician service award, perfect attendance, spirit award, and award of excellence.

Featured speaker Ashley Northington, an award winning communications professional and entrepreneur, encouraged students to always have a plan. Northington is the founder of #LiveYourBrand, an online community for “emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to move beyond the ideation phase and take massive action to turn to their business dream into a reality.”

Northington offered three tips on how to live one’s brand.

“First, define your brand by discovering your strengths and coming up with what you are good at,” she said. “Then, develop your brand by educating yourself on your brand, taking classes, reading books, and talking to people in that field. Finally, share your vision by carrying yourself as if you have already achieved it, and telling supportive people what you want to do,” she said.

Northington also challenged students to write three words to describe themselves then ask two people who knew them well to also write three words to describe the student.

“Compare both lists and if they don’t match, you should take time to re-evaluate what you are doing now to make sure you are on track to meeting your goals.”

Northington said she uses her life to inspire students and help others with her own personal keys to success. She gave students 10 ways to fulfill their visions. 1.Write the vision. 2. Break the vision down into mini goals. 3. Create action steps for each mini goal and deadlines. 4. Start living your vision out. 5. Learn more about it. 6. Know that you will fail. 7. Get back up! 8. Be easy on yourself. 9.Remember your why. 10. Focus on the big picture.

“Your success is dependent on your resilience,” she said.

She concluded by reassuring students that success is reserved for those who can withstand trials and gifted each student with a digital copy of her dream planner, so students can begin their vision plans.