Students share secrets for mental health

As students passed through the student center, they stopped to anonymously share their secrets during the Post Secret event, held March 8.

The event, sponsored by E2HC2 and Magicians S.T.E.P.S, was designed to promote mental health and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.  It was patterned after an ongoing community mail art project created in 2005 by Frank Warren, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard.

As part of the campaign, students, faculty, staff and other members of the LOC community had the opportunity to anonymously write their secrets on postcards and submit them.

“I feel that I can’t talk about what I wrote to anyone, and just writing it down, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders,” said junior Michaela Fentress.  “I look forward to more Post Secret events for that get-a-way I just experienced.”

Alicia Whetsone, S.T.E.P.S advisor, said Post Secret boxes will be located in various places across the campus from March 8 to March 31. In addition, during a “Quilting Our Lives Together” event, the post cards will be incorporated into a Post Secret quilt that will be displayed during a culminating event on April 10. The event will feature Playback Memphis, a local improvisational theater company.

Lisa Watkins, Magician S.T.E.P.S member, said, “ Regardless of how you feel, there is always someone who is willing to listen to you. Let it out, don’t hold it in. It will work wonders with your mental health and might even help someone else.”

E2HC2 member Eric Henderson, said a Post Secret event will be planned for every semester.