“Paint on the Green”

Students, faculty and staff took a stab at painting during the “Paint on the Green” event Nov. 10 on the Brownlee campus lawn.

Participants surrounded a 15-foot canvas, selecting their favorite designs and colors to create a tapestry.

“This event is open for anyone with art ability, but the purpose is to get my students out of their element by listening to classical music while painting in a new environment,” said Professor Phillip Dotson, art area coordinator. “We really want to enhance our craftsmanship.”

Every participant was allotted a 12×12 square for their 2D drawings. The event was free, but the art department accepted one dollar donations for their art supplies. They plan to showcase the finished pieces at next year’s LOC Sunday.

“This is the first time that we’ve held this event in the past 20 years,” Dotson said. “When we held this event 20 years ago, students painted the wall in the Alma C. Hanson Student Center in honor of Israel.”

Art major Howard Franklin said because of the great turnout they are trying to host another “Paint on the Green” event again in the spring.

“I just like to be involved in anything going on around the campus,” freshman Bianca Miles said. “Even though I had no prior art experience, Mr. Dotson played a big role in helping me with my piece.”

Today’s event runs through 5 p.m.