2010 Coronation! Mr. and Miss LOC Crowned

SimmieRay L. Dinkins and Shenika C. Holmes were officially crowned Mr. and Miss LeMoyne-Owen College Friday, Nov. 19. The event was held at the famous Peabody Hotel’s sky way in the ballroom.

Mr. and Miss LeMoyne-Owen College posing after being officially crowned.

Mary Jubert, Miss LeMoyne-Owen 2008-2009 and Jerome Heard, Mr. HBCU 2007-2008, hosted the event.

The color scheme for the coronation was red, black, and white. The queens wore black, red, and white taffeta dresses, silver jewelry and tiaras, and the kings wore black tuxedos with red bow ties. Miss LeMoyne-Owen wore a white beaded accented ball gown with a train, matching white satin gloves, silver heels, and silver accessories. Mr. LeMoyne-Owen College wore a white dinner jacket and tailored black tuxedo bottoms with a red bow tie.

The evening began with the Royal procession of the student organizations, the royal court of 21 kings and queens, and the soon to be crowned Mr. and Miss LeMoyne-Owen College. The procession as well included 6-year-old Marcus James and sisters, 7-year-old Rebecca Leighanne Ricks and 5-year-old Jeane’ Elizabeth Sanders as prince and princesses of the college for the evening. They held the royal scepter and crowns for Mr. and Miss LeMoyne-Owen College. Following the royal procession was the official royal crowning given by President Johnnie B. Watson and Ruby Hardy-Minter, Royal Connection adviser. A solo selection of “I Will Always Love you,” by Whitney Houston, was performed by Katrina Anderson, Freshman class president.

“It was a dream come true,” Shenika Holmes said during her  acceptance speech. “I feel honored to be the Queen of an institution that is deeply rooted to this community.” Dinkins and Holmes took their royal walk as the audience waved and took pictures.

The reception that followed featured Katrina Anderson, who serenaded the audience with songs as she performed with the live band  Her rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” brought many to the dance floor, including Dean Edythe Cobb and Jean Saulsberry, director of Student Development.

“This event was so much fun! I had no idea it was going to be turn out like this,” said freshman Alesha Humphreys. “This was an elegant event, but at the same time everyone was able to be themselves. It was a great way to get the freshman involved.”

“Out of all of my years in attending LeMoyne-Owen College, this is the best coronation I’ve attended,” said Shenika Holmes, Miss LeMoyne-Owen College, “It just so happened to be my coronation.”